paying on performance.

Third parties known as affiliates promote your company’s product or service and are rewarded a commission based on fulfilling your goals.

Strategic affiliate partnerships drive new customers, brand awareness and incremental sales.

Commissionable goals include: sales, subscription, leads, registrations, installs.

5 reasons why affiliate marketing works

New Customer Acquisition

There is a broad range of initiatives that we can do to create an environment or situation where publishers can close the deal with new customers.

Boost Sales

A solid publisher mix and well-rounded affiliate strategy will help you achieve your goals and generate incremental traffic and sales for your brand.

Increased Visibility

Gain access to, and align yourself with, qualified media partners who will effectively funnel your brand’s messaging to their community of interest.

Competitive Edge

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging as many digital marketing channels through the affiliate model. Your partners are incentivized to sell better on your behalf!

Better Than Ever ROI

Building off your brand’s momentum, affiliate marketing can help balance out any pre-existing higher-cost marketing channels.


Brand-Aligned Strategy

Our full-service affiliate managers are an extension of your team, providing you with the essential expertise to develop a well-rounded affiliate strategy that optimizes costs, refines tracking, crediting and commission structures, and incentivizes partners to drive value based on unique goals and KPIs.

Partner Recruitment

Not only have we been building long-lasting relationships and our reputation in the industry since 2009, we also have a PROactive approach to hunt for communities of interest and strategic partners that bring incremental value, creative innovation and excitement to the end consumer.

Network Management

We have strong relationships with all major affiliate networks, as well as an in-house operations team that works hard behind the scenes maintaining your account assets, reporting and other operational tasks, so you can rest assured that your affiliate program is always tracking and rewarding partners accurately.

Insight & Analytics

Data helps us work and spend smarter. With your brand’s goals in mind, we use customized and continuous reporting to take a deep dive into analytics that help us create actionable, high-impact strategies to grow your ROI and identify new opportunities.


Is your affiliate program’s potential being limited by the technology available on your current network? We have the experience and manpower needed to migrate programs of all sizes to networks that have solutions to reach your potential and grow your affiliate channel.


Keeping it simple, we’ve included cost-efficient creative services into our mix. Some of the biggest brands online have trusted us with their branding. Whether you need to promote a new launch, highlight a promotion or drive clicks to a landing page, we’ll help you get the job done.


If you have a community of interest, in affiliate marketing you are considered the publisher or affiliate. At OPM Pros, we work with all types of affiliates and go to great lengths to maintain close relationships with existing partners and go hunting for net-new partnerships.

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