Meet the Pros.

The last one at the party! If it glows, I’ve got it. Glowing sneakers, ice-cubes, batons – you name it!

Paresh Vadavia

Co-founder & CEO

Treating every day like it’s game 7.

Sonny Lamba

Co-founder & CFO

Cats and kale make her happy.

Delaine Zendran

Director of Affiliate Marketing

Dog-mommy and french-press master.

Ada Yu

Account Manager

Coffee + Kitties + Napping = Happy Life

Alexandra Zendran

Senior Account Manager

Boxer. Winner of a chicken-wing eating contest.

Aman Doshi

Account Manager

Master of the art of athleisure.

Amanda Cardillo

Senior Account Manager

Beauty and fashion enthusiast trying to conquer the world one lipstick at a time.

Angelika Maselli

Account Manager

Enjoys pointing out people with mismatched socks.

Brian Huynh

System Administrator

Zumba and Salsa dancer enthusiast and crazy soccer fan!


Carolina Castelblanco

Account Coordinator

Certified carb enthusiast + professional napper.

Christina Rafie

Senior Account Manager

Just wants to run and eat poutine.

Crista Poole

Account Manager

Colombian caffeine lover. Always willing to teach you how to dance in exchange of food.

Diana Lozano

Senior Account Manager

Once a year, goes someplace she’s never been before.

Fani Saint-Pierre Mousset

Account Manager

She loves trying new restaurants since she’s a foodie. Plus, she has this obsession with cute panda bears!

Homaira Kabir

Account Manager

Always on the search for the best terrasse and holy grail skincare products!

Hannah Hu

Account Manager

Always down for brunch and have been nicknamed ‘brunch queen’.

Ines Blondet

Account Manager

Jackie used to be a cosmetician, and will still do her friends’ makeup for events!

Jacqueline Palucci

Senior Account Manager

Chocolate Addict | Animal Lover | Information Seeker | Beauty Product Junky | Old Soul

Jessica Antenucci

Senior Account Manager

Sports enthusiast and lover of all dogs!

Jessica Lieng

Account Manager

An avid gamer geek, John’s favourites include Settlers of Catan, Hearts, Plants Vs. Zombies, and the Uncharted series.

John Mayo

Senior Operations Specialist

3 parts culinary enthusiast, 2 parts outdoor explorer and 2 parts lover of all things travel. Is that too many parts?

Kaitlyn Williams

Senior Account Manager

Caffeine addict. Kickboxer. Control freak. (All in a small package)

Karen Adada

Senior Account Manager

Karen has superhuman intuitive powers that she only uses for good – she does not take advantage of this [gift] at office baby shower games so others can win.

Karen Roseberg

Sales Support Coordinator

Fun fact coming soon…

Katie Wong

Account Manager

Constantly trying to strike a balance between internet-less cottage life and marathons of HGTV or Netflix.

Kelly Motafferi

Account Director

Ketsia is a seasoned marketer who loves to over-season her food.

Ketsia Colas-Leroy

Operations Manager

When she’s not killing it at ping-pong tournaments Lara is staring at her puppy while playing the piano.

Lara Chahine

Senior Account Manager

Marketing enthusiast, Tim Hortons Roll-Up-the-Rim-to-Win contest devotee. Fluffy cat lover.

Lianne Heuvelink

Associate Director of Affiliate Marketing

She does Improv comedy and is on the quest to find the best Tiramisu in Montreal.

Lina Kouli

Account Manager

He is a father, a creative thinker and loves rock music.

Mario Petrov

Graphic Designer

Ran a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Mariya Rayda

Senior Graphic Designer

Her door is always open to those who bring wine or doughnuts.

Melissa Branford

HR Manager

Still waiting for her Hogwarts letter. Any day now!

Melissa Payette

Senior Account Manager

Skilled at multi-tasking, such as watching as much TV as possible while eating. Mission accomplished.

Nita Patel

Senior Account Manager

Always stays hydrated and recycles. 

Odelia Finkelstein

Account Manager

She lived in France for 4 months while on a student exchange! 

Olivia Rose Di Iorio

Account Coordinator

Doesn’t leave the house without her poodle and a camera, and spends too much money on coffee.

Samia Liamani

Corporate Marketing Manager

She once visited 8 countries in 3 weeks. Easily the most exhausting thing she has ever done but totally worth it!


Shanique Joseph

Operations Specialist

Fun fact coming up…


Sophie Choi

Account Manager

Coffee x guitars x records x snacks x complimentary beverages.

Stephen Young

Senior Account Manager

Has no idea what alcohol tastes like, seriously. And doesn’t like chocolate as much as most people.

Sukhmanveer Kaur

Senior Operations Specialist

Fun fact coming up…

Thisaan Sivagopal

Operations Specialist

Does a person own too many pairs of shoes if they can wear a different pair each day of the month?

Vanessa Zendran

Senior Account Manager

If she could summarize herself in a sentence, she would.


Veronica Thomas

Operations Specialist

Has an affinity for numbers. They intrigue him.

Vrushank Merchant

Operations Specialist

Mastered the art of making (and consuming) cocktails. Collects tattoos and loves weightlifting.

Yi Chen Yao

Account Manager