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Amazing team. Highly driven. Extremely responsive. Results-oriented. Supportive. Professional. Focused. Transparent. Experts. All the things you want in a TRUE PARTNER as well as a recipe for success. That’s what OPM Pros is all about.

I wouldn’t trust my affiliate program with anyone else and the proof is in their results and the results they achieve for their partners. It’s in the way their publishers and networks speak so highly about them. Equally, it’s in the awards they win and it’s in the impressive list of partners that keeps growing. But most of all, it’s in Sonny and Paresh and the talent and skill they hire to represent their company.

A true extension of our team! Thank you, OPM Pros!

– Michael Ohayon, eCommerce Manager,

Flat out, OPM Pros is by far the best agency I work with. Always professional, always result oriented, always looking to help your brand. OPM Pros masters the affiliate space and I tease them from time to time to stop winning awards, which tells you how good and well-respected they are. OPM Pros also has a paid search team and has new innovative ideas for another department down the road. Pretty soon, they will be a 360 agency that helps clients like us. Paresh and Sonny are true leaders in the e-commerce and affiliate marketplace and help us reach our objectives, drive new traffic to our site and brand, and are always on the lookout for profitable business opportunities.

– Enrico Del Grande, Head of e-Commerce and Digital Marketing, Fruits & Passion

When it comes to the affiliate space, and you mention OPM Pros, you will hear great things – about the company, its people, their drive and dedication, and the results they deliver. I have had the good fortune of working with OPM Pros for several years, and they always drive results (i.e. sales) and are probably the most responsive partner I have ever dealt with. And the deep relationships they build with partners, publishers, and networks can help you out in many ways. I know it has helped us get front page coverage numerous times. From Paresh and Sonny, to Delaine, Nita, and Kelly, to Abdo and Mackenzie, I have worked with a number of OPM Pros team members, and that’s what they are, a huge extension of our team. We have also started working with their paid search team, and have seen impressive results soon after launching with them. If you are looking for a results-driven, always-present team, OPM Pros comes highly recommended. And if you still have doubts, look at their impressive roster of clients.

– Johnny Russo, Director, Ecommerce & Digital Marketing, BENTLEY LEATHERS

OPM Pros has been managing our affiliate program for several years and still live up to the challenge of growing and optimizing our programs. Paresh and Sonny’s drive, energy and passion transcends throughout all levels of their company. Nita and the rest of the team are true affiliate experts and understand what needs to get done for success and how to make it happen. They are intuitive, client focused, creative and detail oriented. As a client, I can appreciate everything that they do day to day to run our programs so that I can focus on other parts of the business.

– Elissa Dancziger, E-commerce Marketing Manager,, and

Our experience working with OPM pros has been nothing less than amazing. Working alongside passionate, driven and hard-working individuals like Paresh, Sonny and Delaine has truly made a difference in our marketing initiatives and sales traffic. OPMpros have been leading and continuously developing our affiliate marketing strategy as well as working hard to drive sales towards our online platform. They have so far allowed MATT & NAT to grow online, and it is because of their expertise and skills that we will continue to work with them in the future with hopes of reaching even greater success.

– Paul Kohli, IT + E-Commerce Director, MATT & NAT, MATTANDNAT.COM

OPMpros is staffed with some of the most professional, motivated and knowledgeable online marketing specialists that anyone could hope to work with. As the hosting infrastructure market becomes increasingly competitive, iWeb is looking to leverage every advantage to maximize the return on our online investment, and partnering with OPMpros guarantees us the support that we need to keep building up our affiliate traffic campaigns. Our account manager is always ready with up-to-date analyses and options for expanding and improving our network presence, while they actively work in the background to keep growing our affiliate base and strengthen our relationships with high-performing publishers.

– Lina Racaniello, Director, eCommerce Marketing, iWeb, An Internap Company

From day 1, OPM Pros have embraced our affiliate program with the same focus and dedication as though they were an extension of our internal team. They are 150% committed to building relationships and driving results to meet our business goals”and have proven their worth through exceptional results. Beyond that, they are strategic, collaborative, and just plain awesome to work with. Thus far, they have consistently exceeded our expectations, and have played a key part in moving Entertainment to the next level.

– James Bake, Director, Marketing & Ecommerce,

We were expecting good things when we teamed up with OPM Pros, but we never could’ve predicted the incredible and continuous growth of our affiliate program with OPM Pros at the helm. They haven’t just proven themselves to the marketing department; their performance has opened eyes company-wide about how powerful and profitable the affiliate channel can be. I’ve worked with plenty of agencies in various marketing channels and OPM Pros is by far the most responsive and appreciative agency that I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. The entire OPM Pros family makes you feel like you’re their only client.

– Andrew Norris, Email & Affiliate Marketing Manager, ( is a rapidly growing e-retailer with an increasing appetite for new customer acquisition via new marketing channels. We needed a partner that was willing to roll up their sleeves and learn about our business, as well as adapt and grow with us. has always gone above and beyond to deliver results through strategic planning along with their methodical approach toward program execution. They understand the importance of relationship building in affiliate marketing, and our growth numbers are a testament to their abilities. was the definite choice due to their deep relationships, expertise in the industry and the endless perseverance toward achieving changing client goals.

– Ujjwal Dhoot, Chief Marketing Officer, FSA Store

I am a returning customer (with a new company) of OPM Pros and I am back because I know I can count on them to deliver the business results I need. OPM Pros has allowed us to grow our affiliate business very rapidly thanks to their responsive and knowledgeable account team, tremendous relationships with publishers, and overall expertise in this channel. I view our OPM Pros account team as an extension of our marketing department. Our OPM Pros team is always looking for and suggesting ways to grow the business, they pay close attention to the results and ROI of our investments, and they act like co-owners of our business. I could not be more pleased with the performance Paresh and his team of professionals have delivered. I am a very satisfied client!

– David Lonczak, CEO,

After interviewing several companies to help manage our program, we chose OPM Pros because they are knowledgeable, very passionate, and personally approachable on the subject of affiliate marketing. From the very first day of talking to them and now with our weekly communications, their honesty and hard-work ethic continues to shine through. They have helped grow our presence in the affiliate marketing arena, and we love that they are always looking for new opportunities for our business. We especially appreciate that they are always available to answer any questions we have. OPM Pros are truly experts in their field who get the job done and are always looking for ways to grow.

– The Team, Mission Restaurant Supply

We are extremely pleased that we’ve partnered with OPM Pros. Their knowledge of Affiliate Marketing is unparalleled. Our account team impresses with a can-do attitude, flexibility and speed of response, helping us to navigate challenges and resource obstacles to efficiently achieve our online spend and revenue goals, fostering lasting relationships with top affiliates while always looking for new opportunities to help grow the affiliate channel for our brand. We would recommend OPM Pros to any brand looking to expand their online marketing program, having them manage our affiliate efforts has certainly added value to our business. They are simply the best.

– Anna Snapp, Ecommerce Marketing – Current USA, Inc

We have always found OPMpros to be informative and their willingness to assist us is second to none. The OPMPros team are extremely professional, enthusiastic and always a great pleasure to work with. The team are determined to continuously improve their client’s performance and fulfil their needs. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the years to come.

– Pranjani Roy, Affiliate and Partnerships Executive –,

Building an affiliate program from scratch is no easy task. It is even more difficult with an unknown brand in a crowded vertical. But, OPM Pros was undaunted by these challenges. The affiliate program has experienced 40% month-over-month growth since partnering with OPM Pros. My experience with Paresh, Sonny, Kunal and Cosmin allows me to say, without equivocation, that OPM Pros is a best-in-class partner. I am thrilled with OPM Pros, and the performance of our program. I feel truly listened to by OPM Pros; Paresh and Kunal really took the time to understand my brand awareness and sales goals, as well as my margin concerns. Over the summer months baseball tickets drive down our Avg Revenue/Order; OPM Pros heard my concern and accommodated by adjusting commissions and promotional values. This helped our margins, and made the unit economics of the program work for us as a company. At the end of the day the affiliate space is driven by relationships, and OPM Pros has the best relationships in the business; it is no surprise given the affable team that they have assembled. I count myself lucky to be in business with OPM Pros, and consider them a long-term partner.

– Trey Swann,

We decided to join as we felt like they could provide a significant boost to our program. We knew we had a great potential and needed somebody highly skilled and connected in the industry to fully explode our Affiliates group by taking advantage of all opportunities offered by this channel. So far, we can only say great things about our new team!

– Andrea Forzieri, CEO,

OPM Pros has been absolutely crucial in helping us grow our affiliate channel. has helped me take the program from an afterthought within our company to one of our biggest online revenue streams. Whether it’s through the day-to-day management of our partners, the aggressive marketing strategies they help us develop to meet quarterly goals, or their quick reactions to ever-changing market conditions, OPM Pros has consistently exceeded my expectations in their efforts to help grow our business. OPM Pros is by far the best game in town”and great folks to work with.

– John Clinton, Senior Consumer Marketing Manager – Webroot, Inc

We decided to hire because we knew that the connections and knowledge that Paresh and team possess are incomparable. has since surpassed our expectations on a consistent basis, which led us to expand our relationship with them into additional markets. They go above and beyond to generate results for their clients; they are dependable, motivated and dedicated to success. Paresh, Sonny and the team are experts in the Affiliate space and we are thankful to have them as a part of our team!

– Molly Rosenthal, Online Marketing Associate,

When you’ve worked with the OPM Pros team, you can’t help but be impressed: they have that wow factor that you can’t find with any other company of their kind. In a space where affiliates are flooded with options, to successfully get their attention and build long-term relationships with them is absolutely critical”an art the OPM Pros team has unquestionably mastered. Thanks to their outstanding professionalism and their remarkable industry savvy, they set the bar for outsourced program management. They’re a sound investment for any company looking to exploit the affiliate market. And take it from me: before you know it, they’ll become an extension of your own team.

– Ferras Elshair,

The OPM Pros team set out to make an obvious and lasting impression on our online sales figures. This was their promise and we have achieved great growth since our venture together began. Working closely with the LinkShare platform and our in-house operations manager, designer and programming team, the folks at OPM Pros have proven to be industry leaders in their field, providing guidance, strategic recommendations, and establishing new partnerships on our behalf. The team is a group of friendly, easy to work with, conscientious, and dedicated people who are more than equipped with superior knowledge of the affiliate marketing industry. They provide exceptional client service and ensure that our projects are always taken care of with the utmost attention to detail, planning, and perfection. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership!

– Miguel Duque Jr., Bedhead Pajamas

Here at “Coffees of Hawaii” we are a small company with large aspirations. We could see the potential with affiliate marketing but quickly learned that we didn’t have the in-house time or personnel to properly develop a program. came in, got us off the ground, and we haven’t looked back. I highly recommend them.

– Albert Boyce, Owner,

After many months of failed solutions and empty promises offered by prior partners, we came to OPM Pros with an SEM program that was drastically underperforming. Within two short months, the extremely knowledgeable and professional OPM Pros team were responsible for a 220% ROI increase across all SEM campaigns. At the six-month mark, we are now closing in on 250%.

After almost 17 years selling licensed sports merchandise online, we are well aware that search engine marketing has become increasingly competitive and complex. In order to successfully navigate this highly specialized environment today, it takes unprecedented understanding and expertise in the field. After years of managing our SEM campaigns both in-house and through outsourced software and consulting, we are confident that with OPM Pros we have found a reliable partner capable of delivering consistent success in the dynamic and demanding world of SEM.

– Anthony Wolfe, VP, E-Commerce,

Marketing is one thing, but managing an affiliate channel is a whole other animal. You can thrive in this industry, but only if you have the natural ability to forge new relationships and cultivate existing ones without breaking a sweat, which is exactly where Paresh and the OPM Pros team exceed all others. They know the affiliate world inside out, and they navigate through it with such effortlessness, it’s really remarkable. OPM Pros are the kind of experts you can entrust that side of your business with and know that it’s in good hands. We’ve experienced first-hand the difference their day-to-day efforts have made on our numbers since March 2010: to this day, on a monthly basis we notice continual growth – something we never would have been able to accomplish on our own. After only one year, we know we can look forward to continued success with this award-winning team of affiliate gurus. Here’s to a bright, bright future with OPM Pros!

– Oren Pollak | Director of Marketing & Operations, has been a key part of our marketing team since day one. Paresh and Sonny live and breathe the affiliate space, which let them hit the ground running and begin to generate the results we needed in a very short period of time. Their energy, passion, and drive to succeed have been important factors in our success to-date. We know they have our best interests at heart, believe in protecting and managing our brand as much as we do, and we look forward to working with them as we push toward the next phase of the BTR growth story.

– Yona Shtern, CEO, Beyond the Rack

From the moment OPM Pros took over our Affiliate channel our KPIs have increased significantly. Part of their success (and certainly ours) can be attributed to the diverse and solid network of affiliate publishers with whom they have built close relationships over time. Thus far, they have consistently exceeded our expectations and are great partners.

Publisher Testimonials

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Working with OPM Pros is a pleasure; the team is affable, passionate & responsive. Based on their experience & comprehensive market research they are always a front-runner to provide innovative suggestions driving a successful marketing campaign. Understanding the client’s requirements, offering bespoke solutions & excellent customer service has become a seamless process. We look forward to continuing our long-time effective business relationship.

OPM Pros team really gets affiliate marketing. Their team is responsive and really knows how to build and grow relationships. Slickdeals started working very closely with the team and we’ve seen great success on many of the programs. We measure success by how many deals hit our Front Page. OPM Pros has many of their advertisers deliver and consistently gets our community excited about the deals. We’re looking forward to continued success with Paresh, Sonny and team.

The OPMpros team, under the talented leadership of Paresh Vadavia, is second to none. They advocate for their clients with professionalism and fairness, and understand what each side of the partnership needs to be successful. Their relationships in the industry reach far and wide, which allows them to obtain the best opportunities for their clients. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OPMpros to anyone considering outsourced affiliate program management!

– Kelly Powers, Director of Merchant Relations,

Creative, proactive, knowledgeable, fun, business-minded “it’s a true pleasure to work with OPMPros. From’s early days, Paresh and his entire team have been valuable partners and trusted advisors. The pride OPMPros takes in its work is apparent, and the exclusive offers and innovative promotions they craft consistently excite our Users and drive sales for their clients! Most important, they never forget real people are on the other side of every computer screen or telephone.

– Peter B. Albers, President,

The OPMpros team continues to impress us. Whether it’s exclusive coupons, creative promotional ideas, proactive planning, or a wildly fun party in Vegas, the OPMpros team just “gets it”. Any advertiser would be lucky to have this stellar team manage its affiliate program. No matter the question, concern or idea we have, we know OPMpros will be quick to respond and react. We really look forward to a continued, thriving relationship.

– Jeff Nobbs,

We’ve got a fantastic working relationship with the team at OPM Pros. They are really on the ball about all the latest promos and exclusive deals from affiliates – helping us to make sure the Bargainmoosers get all the best deals in a timely fashion. OPM Pros are excellent at facilitating communications between the merchant and the affiliate, and they seem to be in the office 24/7! It’s a pleasure to work with everyone at OPM Pros.

– Anna Waters,

The OPMPros team are top-notch. They’re full of enthusiasm and expertise, and have a strong passion for their advertisers, publisher partners and the industry as a whole. They are always eager to develop relationships on all sides to their utmost potential for combined success. OPMPros understand their clients backwards and forwards and are full of insight to maximize performance. It’s always a pleasure working with OPMPros and we look forward to continuing to work closely with them!

– Jenny Williams,

I am constantly impressed with not only with the level of professionalism and knowledge exhibited, but also with the kindness and friendliness displayed by the team at OPMPros. They take the time to understand and listen and to then provide feedback on how best to optimize store features on sites. My inquires are always replied to within a matter of hours and it’s always answered with a friendly response. It’s refreshing to meet a team that thoroughly enjoy what they do and it’s strongly reflected in their work.

– Erin Kerr,

In working with OPM Pros, you’ll find the best professionals in the business. They are smart, incredibly hard working, and highly responsive. Paresh and the team are always on top of their game “whether it be communicating new offers, alerting us to revenue generating opportunities with new advertisers, or facilitating deeper relationships with current partners, they do it the best. Every member of the team is super professional, responsible, knowledgeable, and friendly. They have an impressive roster of clients and given the unmatched level of service and expertise they provide in the outsourced program management game, it will definitely continue to grow. Rakuten Loyalty looks forward to working with OPM Pros for years to come as they simply rock.

– Christopher J. Griffin, Merchant Development Manager, Rakuten Loyalty

There are very few outsourced program management agencies that have the knowledge, experience, and excitement for affiliate marketing as the team at OPMPros. They’ve built a world class agency who deliver on all aspects of program management, from strategy and client management to program optimization and execution. Their professionalism, service, responsiveness, and relationships truly set them apart. Advertisers, publishers, and networks alike are in great hands with OPMpros, and we are very fortunate to work closely with them.

– Fionna Connolly, Account Manager,

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Paresh, Sonny and the team at Their availability, dedication and knowledge of the industry is phenomenal. We appreciate how they took the time to understand our site and identify offers and placements that would convert well. It’s been nothing but a success story working with the OPM Pros team and we look forward to working with them a lot more over the coming years!

– Jennifer Rowan, Mom N’ Tot Deals

I must admit that OPM Pros is my favorite affiliate manager group to work with at Paresh and his team are always quick to respond to my inquiries, which makes them reliable and attentive to our needs. I speak from experience when I say they have a proven track record of fighting for the best opportunities for their merchants. And while friendliness and expertise don’t always go hand in hand in this industry, OPM Pros have visibly mastered both.

– Amanda Chay,

My first experience working with an Outsourced Program Management company was with Christina at OPM Pros. Her work ethic, knowledge and dedication immediately set my standards very high, as far as what I should expect from any other agency in the business. Not only are Christina and the entire OPM Pros team helpful in elaborating and implementing strategies to drive business to our site, they are all very responsive, thoughtful and always on top of there game.

– Ashley Carrion,

OPM Pros should be at the top of anyone’s list when looking for program management in the affiliate industry. Paresh, Sonny, Kunal and the whole team draw upon vast industry and domain expertise to manage some of the world’s best affiliate programs. What impresses me most about the OPM team is that they are very proactive about seeking out business opportunities for their advertisers and publishers. While many OPMs focus solely on the “paying” advertisers, OPM realizes that without optimizing on publisher sites, growth will be stagnant. At a recent conference, I was presented with a set of charts by OPM showing their clients’ performance on StyleFeeder and StyleFind and how those clients fared on similar sites (without naming the competitors). They are not only armed with data, they suggest new marketing programs that have been effective for their clients. To top it off, the team throws great parties as it realizes that this is a people business at its core, and connecting publishers and advertisers only strengthens their reputation. At the next Affiliate conference, be it CJU, Linkshare Symposium, Google Affiliate Network Summit, Affiliate Summit East or West stop by the OPM booth and meet the team and judge for yourselves.

– Shergul Arshad, Time Inc. (StyleFeeder,

The folks at OPM Pros set themselves well above the usual crowd of outsourced management programs. They work with me as an individual and not just part of a distribution list. They are familiar with my site & how it works “including which types of offers & merchants will most likely be successful. They understand that everyone’s time is valuable (& limited!) and tell me what I need to know to promote their merchants without an avalanche of unnecessary solicitations or repetitive updates. I know that if I have a question for them, no matter how “˜last-minute’ it is, I will hear back from someone on the team with a valid response in no time at all!

– Kimberly Logan, Mall Manager,

I’ll go straight to the point: OPM Pros are hands down the best agency I’ve worked with in the industry. Their mix of professionalism, experience and positive attitude makes them a go-to resource for matters large and small. I can’t say enough great things about Paresh and his team.

– Robert Koleszar, Affinity Solutions

Paresh and his team at OPM Pros are not just any other affiliate management team. They have a thorough understanding of both their brands and their affiliate publishers, and are exceptionally expedient in their communications. Whenever we want to implement out-of-the-box strategies, they are always up to the task. Flexibility is very important”and very rare”in this industry, but they carry it in excess. OPM Pros is a highly valued asset to our company and has set the bar by which we now measure all other management companies.

– Kim Nakamoto, Online Shopping Marketing Manager, Working Advantage

One of the best parts of partnering up with OPM Pros”besides the fact that they are incredibly easy to work with on every level”is the fact that they are always eager to try new things with Access Development. The team always responds in a timely manner and puts forth the extra effort to optimize revenue for their merchants through Access Development, which, in turn, creates a great experience for our members. We highly recommend every individual on the OMP Pros team. They are friendly, a pleasure to do business with and on their game at all times. Thanks for everything, OPM Pros!

– The Access Development Partnership Marketing Team,

58Phases and have enjoyed a good working relationship since 2009. The team at is highly professional and responsive, two traits we greatly value in our partners. They stay on top of their accounts and make sure all promotions are kept current. Add to that, there’s not an industry conference you’ll go to where you won’t find yourself in a relaxed, networking environment courtesy of an event planned by the They’re fabulous people to work with and we’d recommend them to publishers and advertisers alike.

– Kyle Davis, Partner Manager,

As a publisher who has to manage hundreds of affiliate relationships and requests, I cannot describe how much I appreciate the work Paresh, Kunal and his team of dedicated affiliate managers do over at OPM Pros. In a space that is always so rapidly changing, it is a breath of fresh air to have a relationship that is professional, honest and personal.

One element of affiliate marketing that I find truly invaluable (and often underdone) is the ability to communicate with publishers and advertisers efficiently and effectively. OPM Pros are truly “pros” in that respect. Their response time is second to none, and they really cater to the publisher’s specific needs in each and every communication. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paresh, Kunal and the entire OPM Pros team for their continued support, and I eagerly look forward to our continued partnership!

– Rob French, Head of Publisher Development,

MyPoints has been working with OPM Pros since the agency was first founded. Right off the bat we knew their all-star team of affiliate marketers was going to be a successful partner in growing the MyPoints advertiser portfolio”not to mention their advertising clients’ sales. They have a deep understanding of the MyPoints product and our affiliate group MO, and that translates itself into concrete results for all parties involved.

In an industry where relationships are of prime importance, OPM Pros bring their connections and industry know-how to the table, and always approach the right people at the right time. Layer on a metrics-based approach to a team that knows how to build and manage relationships, and you have what all advertisers should look for in an outsourced program management agency. Pros they are!

– Steve Herasimchuk & Gregory Siebert,

OPM Pros have always been a pleasure to work with. They’re helpful with order inquiries, quick to update creative, and they always make sure we are marketing their clients in the best possible way. We know if OPM Pros is managing a program, the day-to-day operations to successfully market that merchant will be easier and more effective for us. The impact of their efforts is positive for us as much as it is for their clients.

– David Fitterman, Coupon Cactus

OPM Pros boasts a roster of prominent merchants with programs that represent huge sales for publishers. They are living proof that working with an agency can only be beneficial for all parties involved. And that’s beside the fact that the entire team is personable and a pleasure to do business with. They respond to emails quickly and patiently, whether during the day, at night, or over the weekend. They understand the way our site works and therefore have a clear grasp of what we need to succeed. There is no doubt in our minds that a long-term and prosperous relationship is in the cards for CouponSnapshot and OPM Pros.

– Van Yang & Ran Chen,

OPM Pros takes relationship management to a whole different level. Right from the start, they take the time to understand how your website works and what types of opportunities are the most successful for you; from then on, they bring offers to the table that make the most sense for your business. And then there’s the dedication factor. Calling them “responsive” is an understatement. No matter what time of day or which day of the week, you can count on someone from the team to respond. They are so far beyond efficient and effective and they are an absolute pleasure to work with.

– Payel Sengupta & Jennifer Goodwin,

It is such a delight working with Paresh and his team at OPM Pros. They give their merchants the best of both worlds: the dedication and reliability you would get from an in-house team, with the level of expertise and efficiency you can only get from a specialized agency. We really consider them our partners in the performance marketing industry.

The OPM Pros team is so knowledgeable and proactive that success is an inevitable by-product of their efforts. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paresh for many years, so it comes as no big surprise that he has managed to build such an extraordinary team at OPM Pros, and has gotten so many high-profile merchants on board. I would recommend to any publisher or merchant that they work with Paresh and his team. I, for one, look forward to many more years of prosperous business between OPM Pros and!

– Alan Rapoport,

I have been working with OPM Pros for over 2 years now and I can’t say enough about their efficiency, reliability, and remarkable dedication”all major benefits of an outsourced program management agency that not only knows the ins and outs of the affiliate market, but also knows what it takes to create a mutually beneficial affiliation. Availability, understanding and reciprocity are keys to success in our industry, and the team at OPM Pros has a firm grasp on their responsibilities. They are always open to communication, are readily available, and, to put it simply, they get things done. In short, they are leaders in their field, they are great people to know, and hiring them was one of the better moves we’ve made.

– Ryan Dearth,

Growing a successful relationship with a merchant can be a difficult, challenging task. OPM Pros has played a key role in growing our relationships with their merchants. They are true professionals in every aspect, working with us on their clients’ promotions, exposure opportunities and much more. With Paresh and the OPM Pros team, you have the recipe for successful affiliate marketing ” a partnership!

– Frank DeBlasi,

Working with OPM Pros is like taking a break from work: these guys are so good at what they do that doing business with them is totally effortless. The entire team is so devoted to their clients and so passionate about their field of work that you can’t help but get carried away along with them: their enthusiasm is contagious! They bring affiliate marketing to a whole new level thanks to their dedicated staff and superior relationship skills”which, in my opinion, are the best in the industry. Not to mention their out-of-the-box thinking which inevitably leads to new opportunities every time we talk. Love OPM Pros”they know their stuff!

– Nicki Hayes, Director, Loyalty Programs,

Our team worked with Paresh prior to the launch of and it’s no surprise he’s made quick success of his new venture. He is knowledgeable and well connected, and his team proves time and again the importance of tenacity, communication, and being one step ahead of the competition. Both he and Sonny have a knack for adding the right talented professionals that know the industry and can grow the relationships. That’s the name of the game, and why we enjoy partnering with them!

– Kevin Flynn & Erin Maskiewicz,

Paresh and the OPM Pros are experts in the industry! In addition to being an incredibly positive and friendly team, they are dedicated to their work. They are eager to promote their clients and will get us whatever assets we need to ensure we are optimizing opportunities for them. This is a team that is on top of their game ” my emails to them are usually answered within the hour! It’s a true pleasure to work with everyone from the team.

– Teresa Totorica, Marketing Manager,

We have worked with the OPMpros team since the beginning and have enjoyed working with some of their members for the past 6 years. They know how our site works and what is needed for their customers to get the best placements, which makes our partnerships much more successful! We look forward to staying close partners with the team!

– Aimie Venchus & Scott Warrick,

Watch out Affiliate Marketers, OPM Pros is on a mission. Each member of the team contributes such talent and drive that this company has nowhere to go, but up! The best part of it all: they’re actually nice! When you combine Sonny’s friendly approach to business, Kunal’s incredible persistence, and Paresh’s ability to be friends with every single person on this planet, you get a dream team that is so great to work with! But they don’t just talk the talk, they actually deliver. I’ve got 2 a.m. emails to prove it! They’re going to do amazing things in the world of affiliate marketing and I’m so excited to be partnered with them, joining them on this ride to success!

– Gina Navani,

I have not come across a more dedicated and well-connected team of outsourced program managers than Paresh and his guys at They have tremendous knowledge about and experience in the industry, which makes them experts in their field. And beyond all their evident credentials, they are just all-around cool guys: they’re funny, cooperative, and well liked by advertisers and publishers everywhere. They’ve got my vote!

– Mattias Larsson, Eckim Marketing Media

It is not often that you find a truly great affiliate manager in this industry “one who takes the time to understand your needs and makes the efforts necessary to ensure your success. I am so thankful that Paresh launched OPM Pros. Not only can I enjoy the same excellent service and pleasant rapport as I did before he started his company, but now I get all that plus the benefits of the multiple programs he manages. I can honestly credit many of our successes to his and his team’s devotion and hard work.

– Christian Gordun,

It’s been a great pleasure working with the team at They’re incredibly attentive to the needs of our program and are always looking for new advertisers that would fit the bill. Their knowledge and experience in the industry are substantial and impressive. We trust their expertise completely, and greatly appreciate their dedication, their prompt response time for any questions or issues, and their disarmingly friendly approach. Paresh and Sonny have been an enormous help in contributing to the growth of the business, as well as that of their clients, I’m sure.

– Nikki Camacho, Aeroplan eStore

The team at is awesome. They show initiative, dedication and acuity in everything they do. Their response time to any and all requests is unparalleled: no one in the industry follows through the way they do! Paresh, Sonny and Kunal support and promote their programs with such untiring energy, I highly recommend them to any publisher or advertiser thinking of doing business with them.

– Kate Musgrove,

OPM Pros are true affiliate rock stars! The team is rare combination of hardcore marketing savvy, technical acuity and magnetic personality. We have worked with the guys across their many projects over the years and they have always been great partners to our business. OPM Pros has been a long time coming and I am certain they will continue to rock the affiliate world by delivering top notch service to both their clients and affiliate partners.

– Alexis Caldwell,

Paresh and team take program management to the next level. They are plugged in to what is working in the affiliate space & actively communicate the latest offers, strategies and best practices. Their vast network of contacts &creativity is what sets OPM Pros apart.

– Howard Schaffer, VP of Marketing, has built a tremendous reputation in this affiliate space in a very short period of time. Their dedication to represent their clients’ best interests, while also balancing the interests of affiliate partners, has allowed them to create win-win scenarios”which is truly what affiliate marketing is all about.

– Michelle Wood,

I’ve been working with Paresh and his team over at OPM Pros for a while now, and I can attest to the fact that they are 100% responsive when it comes to communicating with their affiliates. We rely heavily on them to send us updates about their latest deals and offers, or to inform us about new clients they’ve acquired. All their efforts lead to better conversions for everybody! The entire team is just good at doing business, from the warm introductions they make to new clients, to their availability for calls and discussion on the best ways to optimize their accounts. It’s a real pleasure to work with Paresh and we look forward to continually growing our relationship with OPM Pros.

– Jeff Savich,

It is a pure pleasure to work with the OPM Pros team. They are always on top of everything, whether it be about updating creative elements and offers on a regular basis, or about keeping their affiliates informed about their clients’ new product initiatives. They also make every effort to maximize conversions, often by pitching contests and special discounts. Very helpful and always responsive to questions or concerns regarding the program, they make it really easy for affiliates to do business with them.

– Bret Cassata, Mr. Rebates

The OPM Pros team offers an experience unsurpassed by any other agency in the industry. Each and every member of the team possesses the qualities necessary to stand out in the affiliate market: they are highly professional, surprisingly responsive and extremely knowledgeable about what they do. And, perhaps most importantly, they work closely with both the advertiser and publisher to forge strong partnerships and develop strategic goals for either side. They’ve got a great formula going on!

– Dave Youngers,

Working with OPM Pros over the last year has been both exciting and profitable. Paresh showcases his incredible networking skills and brings his willingness to “make it happen” each and every day. I personally have learned a lot about affiliate marketing thanks to him and his team. My company, Market America (#66 Internet Retailer), has benefitted enormously from the relationships we’ve developed with OPM Pros and the advertisers they manage.

– Eddie Alberty,

The OPM Pros team is comprised of exactly that: pros. These guys are the real deal. They live and breathe affiliate marketing, they know the space like the back of their hands, and they provide their clients and publishers like us with such superior service, acute responsiveness, accommodating solutions, and genuinely pleasant communications that it makes the entire experience utterly effortless for all parties involved. We’ve worked with Paresh and his team since the inception of their thriving agency, and we will continue to do so for what we hope will be a very long time.

– Michael Yack,

The team at OPM Pros has proven to be a wonderful new addition to the affiliate space. They are extremely responsive to questions and problems, they are constantly engaged with publishers on behalf of merchants, and they deliver top-notch service to all of their clients. It is truly a pleasure to work with these guys: their professionalism and expertise in the industry are second to none.

– Marc Mazzone, Cartera Commerce


Network Testimonials

OPM Pros has quickly become a highly valued agency partner for LinkShare. This is a team with strong leadership and expertise in launching, managing, and growing affiliate programs across a wide variety of verticals, and their strategic approach has benefited advertisers, publishers, and LinkShare. Paresh, Sonny, and the rest of the OPM Pros team have been Golden Link Nominees multiple times, which is a testament to their knowledge of the LinkShare platform and their ability to drive sales. They are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to building on what is already a strong and successful relationship.

– Jack Spielberg. VP, Strategic Partnerships,