OPM Pros earns Google Premier Partner Status

Mariya Rayda
By Mariya Rayda

In every business, there are moments that define you: your first sale, hiring your first employee, or maybe it’s the first month you see yourself in the black. Whatever the defining moment is, it’s one to be proud of. As of October 2016, OPM Pros accomplished another defining moment: the digital marketing agency achieved its new status as a Google Premier Partner.

Since launching the Google Partner program in Q3 of 2015, the team has seen tremendous growth: in less than a cool, 5-quarter period, OPM Pros was nominated for—and then achieved—Google Premier Partner status.

But becoming a partner wasn’t an easy endeavor; ensuring that the Search and Display team at OPM Pros were all certified with Google’s AdWords Fundamentals, in addition to one of their other products, meant that the team put their head down and focused. In addition to the team’s certification, there were other requirements that needed to be met before the team could get their badge and status: reaching projected monthly spending goals, met the AdWords spend requirements, delivering agency and client revenue growth, implementing Google’s recommended best practices, and all the while sustaining and growing our own client base—no easy task!

But we knew that our team could do it. The Search & Display team were already whizzes at managing online advertising programs for various clients, while also staying ahead of industry trends. Whether they’re optimizing Search Engine Marketing campaigns, or providing helpful tools and insights on Display advertising techniques to our clients, the S & D team did it all. Becoming a Google Premier Partner is a testament to their hard work and dedication, and earning this badge from the tech-giant means OPM Pros is recognized as an industry leader, and that’s a big deal.

“We’re so thrilled to have earned that title and grown the team along with the managed programs in such a short period of time, everybody’s contribution matters!” says Abdo Mazloum, the VP Search and Display at OPM Pros.

With great power comes great responsibility, and such is the case with our new Google Premier Partner status. The badge means that partners and clients have access to OPM Pros talent and skills, no matter the size or scope of the digital marketing campaigns. Whether our clients are looking for ways to optimize their Mobile or Video advertising, or looking to expand their Display and Shopping advertising campaigns, we can do it all and more.

Moving forward with this Google Premier Partner badge means only bigger and brighter things to come for OPM Pros, and entering Q4 with such success sets the tone for the team, just in time for the New Year.

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Mariya Rayda
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