OPM Pros and CJ Affiliate Team up for Canadian Boxing Day

Mariya Rayda
By Mariya Rayda

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, it’s sometimes easy to overlook Canada’s biggest shopping day that’s yet to come: Boxing Day. In order for Retailers to get the best possible outcome from this Canadian shopping Holiday, OPM Pros sat down with Sandrine Thompson from CJ Affiliate to make sure Retailers have all the insider information they need to succeed during Boxing Day. We discussed the power of mobile, changing consumer trends and habits, and what kinds of products Canadians are expecting to buy during Boxing Day. Whether you’re a Canadian Retailer or an American one, there’s no doubting the opportunity Boxing Day provides in attracting new and old customers to your business!

You can read the entire article here!

Thanks again to Sandrine, and the entire CJ Affiliate team for their insights!

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Mariya Rayda
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