Launching Affiliate Via the 3rd Largest Shopping App in the US

Mariya Rayda
By Mariya Rayda

We’re thrilled to announce it’s now easier than ever to partner with the 3rd largest mobile app in the United States.

Ibotta and mobile commerce platform Button (Partner of OPM Pros) have officially opened for business in the affiliate world. Button, which is already working with affiliate networks to help them fix mobile app tracking, is now going to be working with affiliate networks as a sub-network to add a new merchant integration model for the fast-growing platform. Through this channel, Button will enable all of its mobile publishers to access merchants that have affiliate integrations starting with Ibotta.

Ibotta, which already works with many of the world’s leading brands on the Button platform, is welcoming only a handful of premium merchants to join its program, alongside market leaders including eBay, Groupon,,, and many more leading retailers.

If you’d like to learn more about the best performing mobile affiliate program in the US, or if you’d like to request access to join, please visit:


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