CSEs (Comparison Shopping Engines)


  • nextag
  • shopbot
  • pronto
  • become
  • shopzilla
  • bing
  • pricegrabber
  • amzon

Comparison Shopping Engines display products from various merchants and enable shoppers to compare prices and find the best deals. 56% of people who are buying online are directly impacted by CSEs – this represents potential to drive more business from these websites to yours.

As a competitive ecommerce merchant, you’ll want to make use of CSEs to get new customers through to your site and to attract customers who will generate repeat business and build brand awareness for you.

OPM Pros will:

1. Find the right CSE for you
2. Optimize and implement your product feed with CSEs including:

  • NexTag
  • Shopbot
  • PriceGrabber
  • ShopZilla
  • Become
  • Bing Shopping
  • Pronto
  • Amazon Product Ads

3. Manage your program, staying on top of CSE updates.