CJU 2016 and PareshConnect.com in Santa Barbara!

Mariya Rayda
By Mariya Rayda

It’s the end of summer again, and CJU 2016 is the next thing we’re really excited about! Paresh is getting ready for his 11th time at CJU, the OPMpros.com team members attending are hard at work preparing for the meetings and the conference, and absolutely everyone is thrilled for OPMpros.com 7th Anniversary that will be celebrated at the PareshConnect.com on location!

Last year’s CJU and the PareshConnect party are still fresh in our memory, seeing people we work with every day face to face, and rocking it as part of celebration of the CJU 2015 Award we received for OPM/Agency of the year.

The crew you’ll be able to meet and greet this time around in Santa Barbara are the following: Paresh Vadavia, Sonny Lamba, Genevieve Shaw, Katie Power, Jackie Palucci, Amanda Cardillo, and Arpi Saiyan. CJ University is one of the biggest conferences we make sure to be part of throughout the year so we’re really looking forward to meeting publishers, advertisers, and CJ employees! Some of our clients attending are Art.com, UPACK, Bowflex, AC Lens, Entertainment.com, Hotter Shoes and more. The featured CJU keynotes this year are Waleed Al-Atraqchi, President of CJ Affiliate and Bert Jacobs, Co-founder & Chief Executive Optimist of Life is Good.

RSVP at http://www.pareshconnect.com/ to attend our party and break the ice for the CJU 2016 conference!

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