Affiliate Marketing



Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing in which an advertiser (merchant) pays website owners, known as publishers (affiliates), to promote the advertiser’s products, deals or services. In the case of OPM Pros, we coordinate these placements through a number of third party networks. OPM Pros ensures that the advertiser is receiving appropriate and meaningful placements on a publisher’s site because, after all, the affiliate channel relies on a cost per acquisition model. This means that an advertiser will pay publishers for driving consumer sales and leads, not just clicks.

OPM Pros tailors affiliate programs to each client so that they’re able to partner with the most appropriate publishers. Furthermore, through the third party networks, OPM Pros manages, tracks and optimizes the results of the affiliate program on a per client basis. OPM Pros will make the ad creative available to the chosen publishers on the network and the publisher will then display these banners, textlinks and rich media.

When a visitor takes a specific action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form, a commission will then be paid to the publisher.


When a visitor arrives at a publisher’s website and clicks on an advertiser’s creative promotion, the visitor’s browser will receive a cookie. This cookie identifies the advertiser, publisher and ad creative clicked on in order to determine the appropriate commission amount. If this visit results in a purchase or specific action outlined by the advertiser, the transaction is tracked and recorded through the network and OPM Pros, in turn, manages the commissions.

A brighter future for your business

Navigating the affiliate marketing space can be an intimidating challenge, even for the most seasoned marketer or entrepreneur. It takes a specific set of skills to make the most of an affiliate program. If done well – and this part is key – it can brighten the future of your business.
That’s where OPM Pros comes in.

The business objective of OPM Pros is to help online retailers capitalize on their affiliate programs. Our team of well-rounded experts focus on clients’ specific needs in order to:

  • Increase their visibility
  • Boost their sales
  • Earn a profitable ROI
  • Grow their brand
  • Acquire new customers
  • Improve their overall business performance

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